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Noleggi Motoscafi Darsena Porto Vecchio, Viale Italia - 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ud)
Marine regulations

Lignano Sabbiadoro

Lignano is fun at all times, even on the waves! Of course, because with Noleggi Motoscafi, you can go out into the open sea and breathe the fresh air, or explore Marano Lagoon, a natural oasis protected by the WWF that cannot be missed, or visit the famous Isola delle Conchiglie (Seashell Island), or go upstream the river Stella looking for yet another different habitat.
Last, but not least, as you cannot survive on love alone (for the sea that is), treat yourself to some good food.
Look for the typical "casoni" (huts) along the Stella or in the lagoon, where you can taste skilfully prepared fish dishes.

Rules for boats

  • It is severely prohibited to navigate between the red boas that close off the bathing area.
  • Do not go out further than one mile from the coast.
  • Navigate on the lagoon, making sure that the red posts are to your right and the white ones to your left.
  • Navigation speed in the lagoon canals is limited to 5 km/h.
  • Pilot must be over 18 years of age.
  • The management declines any responsibility for non observation of the navigation regulations.
  • The pilot assumes all responsibility as regards the navigation regulations in force.